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Predefined analysis parameters

Detailed information about predefined script scenes analysis parameters

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Analyzing potential risks and requirements in a film script is a critical step in pre-production. The App offers both predefined and customizable analysis parameters to scan your script, assessing various aspects such as legal considerations, safety measures, pacing, and crew requirements. Below is a reference table outlining each available predefined analysis parameter.

Predefined analysis parameters - Reference table



Copyright Clearance

Detect potential infringements to prevent legal issues in your script.


Incorporate health guidelines for the safety of cast and crew members.


Implement appropriate safety measures for young actors on set.

Stunt Performers

Identify stunts and prepare necessary safety precautions.

Animal Wranglers

Identify if wranglers are needed and ensure proper handling and care for animal actors.

Dialogue Screen Time

Estimated screen time for dialogues. Assess dialogue duration for balanced script pacing.

Target Audience

Determine the intended viewer demographic for content alignment.


Shooting environment precaution warnings. Address location-specific safety concerns during production.


Movie references. Utilize relevant cinematic inspiration for scene development.


Determine the necessary personnel for efficient scene execution.

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