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If you want to export your project to a PDF file or Print a project summary, go to your project page, then click the Export button > Print and PDF.

To save your project as a PDF file, choose the Save to PDF option in the opened printing dialog :

  • In Safari and Firefox: find in the bottom left corner of the window, then click on "PDF" dropdown > Save as PDF > Save.

  • In Google Chrome: find in the top right corner of the window, then click on Destination > Save as PDF > Save.

To save one specific scene instead of the full script:

  1. Go to your project page.

  2. Navigate to the scene for export.

  3. Click the Breakdown tab on the top left corner of the white page.

  4. Click on the Full Script toggle, after that it changes the label into One Scene.

  5. Then click on the Export button > Print and PDF.

To add page number and title, check the Headers and Footers option in the window of printing preferences.

If you have any difficulties or any questions, please contact our support service - we will help you.

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