By using our Reports functionality you may add visual references, notes and links to any tag in your breakdown.

Here are some of many cases how you can use it:

  • create moodboards for shooting

  • create CAST list visualization

  • create PROPS, LOCATIONS, COSTUMES and other reports with visuals and links to rent, buy or find

  • share links to 2D/3D assets to buy or use in your project

  • share links to your Dropbox files

  • resources and budget estimation

Press on the Quick search to find and attach image from asset marketpaces or image stocks:

Choose the relevant picture. Feel free to add more descriptive words for the better result:

To upload your own image, add links or notes - just click on the tag:

Add your notes, links, change or upload new image:

Well done!

All your links will be active even after export your report to .PDF:

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