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How to add visual references, notes or links to your tags
How to add visual references, notes or links to your tags

Create visualized reports, share your files and notes

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By using the App's Reports tab functionality, you may add visual references, notes, and links to any tag in your breakdown. Here are some of the many cases of how you can use it:

  • Create mood boards for shooting.

  • Create CAST list visualization.

  • Create PROPS, LOCATIONS, COSTUMES, and other reports with visuals and links to rent, buy or find.

  • Share links to 2D or 3D assets to buy or use in your project.

  • Share links to your Dropbox files.

  • Resources and budget estimation.

Select the Quick search to find and attach images from asset marketplaces or image stocks:

Choose the relevant picture. Feel free to add more descriptive words for a better result:

To upload your custom image, add links or notes, just select the tag:

Add your notes, links, change or upload a new image:

Well done!

All your links will be active even after exporting your report to PDF:

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