To save your project to Movie Magic Scheduling and Gorilla Scheduling supported .sex format, go to your project page, then click the Export button > Movie Magic.

Then import this file to Movie Magic Scheduling:

  1. Open Movie Magic Scheduling.

  2. Open the default template by going to File > New Schedule from the template.

  3. Once the template is open, go to File > Import and open the .sex file.

  4. The script imports into Breakdown Sheet # 2.

  5. To delete the empty Breakdown Sheet # 1 and renumber, go to EP Scheduling > Preferences on the menu bar.

  6. Click the Schedule Preferences tab in the Preferences window. Change the Sheet Numbering from Automatic to Manual and click OK.

  7. Delete the first Breakdown Sheet by clicking the red circle with the diagonal line through it.

  8. Then click the 123-renumbering icon to the right of the red circle and choose to renumber by Sheet Order.

  9. This makes Breakdown Sheet # 2 start as sheet # 1.

  10. Go back to the EP Scheduling > Preferences > Schedule Preferences tab and change the Sheet Numbering back to Automatic.

  11. Go to Schedule > Boneyard.

  12. Select all with Command + A (Mac) or Control + A (Windows).

  13. Right-click or Control + click (Mac) and choose Move to Stripboard.

  14. Close this empty window and you would see all fields populated.

Contact our team if you have any questions about export and import your project.

Source: Entertainment Partners help portal.

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