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Upload the revised script to your project, and the platform will automatically compare it with the existing version, adjusting the script breakdown to reflect updates. This process ensures both the preservation of the script's previous version and all configured settings.

Before your begin


  1. Under the Project List, point to the project you want to update, and then select ⋮ icon.

  2. From the options list that appears, select Update Script.

  3. The system will automatically detect when scenes are added or removed within a project.

    After the update, the order of the scenes in the shooting schedule will be preserved. Banners and new scenes will be moved to the top of the schedule.

  4. The platform will add new tags and identify those that are no longer applicable.

    Filmustage will save your custom scene and tag settings from the previous script iteration. This feature ensures that any personalized adjustments are not lost amid updates.

  5. To toggle between the new and old versions of your script, navigate to the Versions tab.

Note By default, you can upload up to 20 versions of your script.

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