We've added handy statistics about your tags in the reports section. You can sort all the data and create reports based on different parameters

Alphabetical sorting:

Sorting by total scenes number:

Sorting through scenes you can find the most or the least popular tags

Sorting by Occurrence:

Sorting tags by the number of their mentions in the script you can find the most or the least referenced tags

Sorting by Pages:

That type of sorting will show you more data for screen time calculation

How to Edit or Delete tags from the Reports page:

By using the Reports page you see the full list of your tags and here is the way how you can quickly operate with them.

In that example, we want to move YOUTH CHOIR into the EXTRAS category.

Once you find the wrong tag and want to delete, edit or change the category - just click on the scene number and correct it on the script's page.

You will automatically be redirected to the relevant script page. Make all the necessary changes here and go back to the Reports page to review the next tags.

And yes - group tags operations will be added soon to make that process even faster!

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