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How to create, assign, and manage locations
How to create, assign, and manage locations

Create locations, add notes, export assigned locations to PDF

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Manage your locations in a fast and easy way!

Create and assign locations

To start from scratch, just select Assign Location, and then select Add New Location:

  1. Enter the name of your location.

  2. Choose it on Google Maps.

  3. Add your notes.

  4. Select Create.

Edit or remove locations

To edit or remove location click on the pencil icon:

Then edit or remove any information:

Group location management

For group location management, select Edit Locations in the assigning menu:

Or select Edit Locations from the settings menu:

You can manage all your locations, change info, and add notes:

Export assigned locations

In the Edit Locations window, in the upper-right corner, select PDF to export your assigned location for your team or location managers:

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