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Tag Editor and Cast ID
Tag Editor and Cast ID

How to use the Tag Editor and Cast ID features

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The Cast ID and Tag Editor are designed to enhance your filmmaking process. These tools allow you to efficiently manage and personalize your project elements, making the task of film production more streamlined and organized.

What is the Cast ID feature?

The Cast ID feature helps in the effective organization of characters during the filmmaking process. It allows you to create unique identifiers for each character in your screenplay, making it easier for casting directors and other team members to keep track of different roles.

What is the Tag Editor feature?

The Tag Editor feature enables you to manage and modify elements in your script. You can add photos, change element categories, rename elements, and even add descriptions. The tool is designed to improve script organization and facilitate smoother filmmaking.

Using the Cast ID & Tag Editor Feature

Follow the steps below to make the most of these new features.

Add a Cast ID

  1. Select a character's name in your script.

    A Tag Editor panel will appear.

  2. Assign a unique Cast ID to the character.

  3. Select Save.

In addition, you can set up Cast ID automatically:

Use the Tag Editor

  1. Open the Tag Editor panel by clicking on a character's name.

  2. Within the panel, you can:

    • Upload a photo for the character or element.

    • Find an illustration in the library.

    • Change the element category.

    • Delete an element from the list.

    • Rename an element.

    • Add an element description.

Merge elements

If the script refers to the same character or object with different names, you can merge them using the following steps:

  1. In the Report section, select the elements you want to merge.

  2. Click the Merge button.

  3. A panel will appear, allowing you to choose the name for the character or object to remain in the report.

  4. Confirm the merge.

Two chosen elements ready to be merged

Panel where you choose the name for the object to leave in the report:

Add hidden elements

If there are elements that are not mentioned in your script but will be present on set, you can add them using the following steps:

  1. In the Report section, in the top right corner of the screen, select the Add Item button.

  2. Input the element name and choose in which scenes the element should be present.

  3. Save changes.

Split elements

If a word in your script is recognized as one element, but you intend to use it as two different elements on set, you can split the element:

  1. In the Summary or Report sections, select the element you want to split.

  2. Follow the instructions in this video to complete the split.

Pop-up where you choose to add a new item or select the existing one:

Navigate between project sections

To help you quickly find elements in your script, we've improved navigation between project sections.

  1. If you're searching for an element in the script section or need to find it in the text, simply switch from the reference report to the script section.

  2. The relevant element will be automatically highlighted in the script, allowing you to locate it without having to read through the entire scene.

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