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Team Access

About the Team Access feature and team collaboration

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Available as part of the Award Winning Plan and Amazing Studio Plan subscriptions, the Team Access feature essentially allows users to share their projects with colleagues. It is designed to boost productivity and foster effective collaboration among filmmaking professionals. The intent is to create a seamless and collaborative work environment that can aid in smoother project execution.

The connection between Team Access and subscription plans

For subscription plans, there're some differences in the number of users you can invite to share your project:

  • Award-Winning Plan: Using the Award Winning Plan subscription, you can invite unlimited members to your project who already have a Filmustage subscription plan active.

  • Amazing Studio Plan: The Amazing Studio Plan, together with the ability to invite unlimited members to your project who already have any Filmustage subscription (like in the Award Winning Plan), also provides three free credits to invite members to your project who don't even have any Filmustage subscription plan. These individuals will need to create Filmustage accounts to access the shared projects. However, their access to your project is absolutely free as long as your subscription plan remains active.

What features do members have access to?

Members who join your project have full access to all the project information and functions. This means they can actively contribute and interact with the project just as you would. However, members cannot delete your project or invite or remove other collaborators. This ensures a level of security and control over the project is maintained.

How do members sign up for access?

Members on an Award Winning Plans subscription can access any project they are invited to by signing into their Filmustage account. Members on an Amazing Studio Plan who are invited to a project but who do not have an active Filmustage subscription plan must create an account on Filmustage before being given access to the shared project.

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