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Invite Team Members

How to Invite Team Members to your project

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After activating Team Access, you can invite your Team Members to share your project.

Before you begin


  1. Go to any tab within the platform, like Script or Summary.

  2. In the upper right corner, select Share Project.

  3. In the Share Project window that will appear, in the Email box, type your team member's email you want to invite to share your project.

  4. Select Invite.

After sending an invitation to your Team Members, they will receive an invitational email from Filmustage. The subject of this email will be "Invitation to Join Filmustage’s Team Access". The email will notify the recipient that they've been invited to join Team Access on Filmustage and will include a link to log in to their account or sign up if they're new to the App. This email does not contain specific project details but is a formal initiation to collaborate on Filmustage. If the invitation was not expected, they can reply to the email for further support department assistance.

Note Don't forget to remind your Team Members to check their email inboxes for the invitation.

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