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How to create a full script synopsis

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A full script synopsis is a comprehensive overview of an entire script or screenplay, summarizing the main plot points, characters, and themes in a condensed format. Unlike scene-by-scene breakdowns, which provide detailed descriptions of individual scenes, a full script synopsis captures the essence of the entire story from beginning to end.

Before your begin


  1. Navigate to the Script tab after uploading your script, and select "Script Synopsis".

  2. The generation of the synopsis may take several minutes. Once it's complete, you'll receive a notification indicating that your synopsis is ready.

  3. You can download the synopsis in PDF format from this notification.

  4. The synopsis is generated only once. In the future, you can download it directly from the same Script tab, where instead of a "Script Synopsis" button you'll find a download button.

If you want to generate a synopsis for each scene, follow the instructions:

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